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Specialized in transmission repair, Our ASE-certified mechanics in Phoenix AZ are ready to get your vehicle back on the road. When you need a repair, you’ll probably be able to hear or feel if there is a problem with a component of your vehicle’s drivetrain. At The Auto Shop, we can take care of the simple services to just about any major repair that involves keeping your car capable of running efficiently! Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!

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Transmission Repair vs Replacement

Transmission repair and replacement is one of the most expensive auto repair services. Most importantly, this is because of time involved in removing the transmission from the vehicle, inspecting internal components and then putting everything back together again. While something such as a quick fluid replacement may cost a couple hundred dollars, a transmission replacement can cost several thousand dollars. Therefore it is important to assess whether your transmission can be repaired to save you money.

Transmissions are highly complex and essential parts of vehicle operation. In addition, automatic transmissions shift gears without need for manual gear shifting from the driver. The various components of a transmission include a series of bands, filters, gaskets, O-rings, converters, drums, pumps, shafts and valves working together to automate shifting gear ratios efficiently. Additionally automatic transmissions utilize a clutch, similar to a manual transmission, so this may also factor into repairs needed for your vehicle. In conclusion, there are situations where these parts can be repaired or replaced without having to replace the entire transmission.

Domestic vs Foreign

On average, foreign vehicles like Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen are more expensive for transmission repairs than say Jeep, Ford or Buick due to their domestic manufacture. Moreover some vehicles you may consider foreign are actually assembled in the US. However, their assembled parts are manufactured overseas. For instance, Honda assembles parts manufactured in Asia right here in the United States. Therefore having a foreign car doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to pay more for transmission repair.

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