Preventive Maintenance For Your Vehicle

Oil Change Service Phoenix AZ

We are certified to perform new vehicle services to maintain your factory new car or truck warranty.

At The Auto Shop we can do just about anything the dealerships can! Whether it’s your time for your scheduled service, such as an oil change, new spark plugs, differential fluid, coolant, or transmission fluids, give us a call and save!

  1. Warranty Approved Services
  2. Cooling System Flush
  3. Oil Change & Lubrication Service
  4. Transmission Service & Flush
  5. 15k-30k-60k-90k Scheduled Services
  6. Transfer Case Service
  7. Filter Replacement
  8. Repack Wheel Bearings
  9. Fuel Injector Flush
  1. Repack C.V. Joints
  2. Engine De-Carboning
  3. Differential Services
  4. Power Steering Flush
  5. Hoses and Belts
  6. Battery Service
  7. Brake Fluid Flush
  8. Timing Belts
  9. Hybrid Vehicle Service