Our Top 3 Tips on Car Repair in Phoenix After a Monsoon Storm

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You know by now that The Auto Shop is all things car care, repair and maintenance in Phoenix. We do it all; oil changes, major engine and transmission repairs, interior and exterior vehicle detailing – even fleet maintenance service for those of you who run a business.

But how did we become such an authority on how the monsoon effects your vehicle in Phoenix? Easy! We’ve been here since 1979!

It’s true that The Auto Shop crew has weathered many a haboob and downpour. Even though we’re located in Central Phoenix, people from all over the valley, from Tempe to Mesa, Scottsdale to Chandler – they all come to us whether they’re a commuter into downtown Phoenix or an ASU student living here.

Often times, that’s directly after a storm.

Figuratively, there’s a lot that can jack up your car after a monsoon storm! Here are some of our top bets:

1. Your spark plugs might need to be replaced.

It’s not super common, but if water gets in your engine bay (maybe you got a little overzealous at the sight of a standing puddle somewhere around Phoenix) it can pretty easily foul the plugs on certain makes and models.

2. You might need your vehicle’s electronics checked.

There’s no telling what water can damage when it come’s to your car or truck’s electronics. Keep an eye on your gauges and instrument clusters, and if you suspect anything just give The Auto Shop a call!

3. There’s nothing like the difference between old tires and new ones.

Comprehensive vehicle inspections are one of our many specialties at The Auto Shop. Not only can we tell you how your car’s running, we can also tell you how it’s rolling. The last thing you (or anyone around you) want is for you to hydroplane in the middle of freeway traffic!

There you have it, The Auto Shop’s top three tips on what to keep an eye on after a monsoon storm dumps a couple inches on your neck of the woods in Phoenix, Arizona in a little under an hour.

Questions? Let us know! From dialing in repair quotes to addressing concerns and second opinions, we love working on cars like we love a good summer storm!

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