Oil Change in Phoenix: Why The Auto Shop is Always On the Way

Whether it’s a warning light or you’ve just hit the mileage on a window sticker that’s telling you you’re ready for an oil change in Phoenix, one thing’s for certain: The Auto Shop isn’t far, no matter where you are!

In fact, we’re even starting to get people to come to our new location from Tempe and the East Valley, considering that we’re now right on the easternmost edge of Central Phoenix, on Jefferson and 16th Street.

What’s even better about our new location is that you spend a minimal amount of time on surface streets in order to get in. Being located by “the stack” between the I-10, I-17 and the 202 freeway, these arterial freeway connections connect our location with virtually every other community in the Valley of the Sun.

Here are several terms you could Google in order to find The Auto Shop:

  • Mechanic near me
  • Best mechanic in Phoenix
  • Oil change in Phoenix
  • Auto repair in Phoenix

From there, you’ll either get our contact page or you’ll be able to find more information on our complete and comprehensive auto repair services from any of the informative pages on our new website, or on our blog.

We’ve put a lot of time in there covering the things that Phoenicians should know when it comes to auto repair and maintenance in what can be incredibly harsh environments during summers that can reach 120-degrees. Some of our favorites incude:

How long will your battery last in Phoenix
How monsoon storms can damage your car
How to get your car ready to sell on Craigslist

At The Auto Shop, we strive to be a useful and authoritative voice on auto repair and maintenance, all geared toward our local audience — our fellow Phoenicians. We’ve been here since 1979 and have seen a lot come and go since then. We remember when Bank One Ballbark became Chase Field, when the Suns played at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and when ASU went to the Rose Bowl for the first time.

Truth is, we love being in Phoenix as much as we do helping everyone here out — whether it’s a quick oil change service or any kind of major mechanical repair.

From here, simply give us a call at (602) 256-6164, book an appointment online or swing on by today to see how we can help you!

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