How to tell if your vehicle is out of alignment

A shake in your steering wheel. A pull, left or right on a straight road. Decreased miles per gallon. Decreased performance. General sluggishness and roughness in your ride.

And don’t forget about uneven tire wear.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you have an alignment problem with your car, but it’s the first thing you want to check after a fender-bender, taking a speed bump too fast or going over a curb or pothole — or even just after several years of driving.

The long and short of it is that if your vehicle comes out of alignment — no matter for what reason — The Auto Shop can help! Matter of fact, we can knock alignments out along with most any other maintenance service.

Need your tires rotated? We got you. Oil change? No sweat. Engine air filter? Cabin air filter? Fuel filter? We can do all of them without breaking a sweat, especially from our new state-of-the-art auto repair facility in central Phoenix, Arizona.

So when your car or truck is out of alignment, not only can we get it driving straight again, but we can have your vehicle driving right overall.

It’s just one of a couple hundred ways The Auto Shop has been taking care of Phoenicians and other residents of the surrounding Valley of the Sun, all the way back to 1979.

And if we put your vehicle on the rack and find that it wasn’t your alignment that’s causing what’s an otherwise rough and uneven ride? You can be sure that our ASE-certified technicians will find it. Faulty or worn suspension components, low or uneven tire wear and tire pressure, even bad motor mounts can shake your ride either at a stop light or while on the move.

All in all, give The Auto Shop a call for a quote or stop by our new location at 1705 E. Jefferson St. And if you’re shopping around for service, make sure you give us a chance to beat any auto repair shop’s price from around town. Whether it’s a dealership or another local vehicle repair and maintenance shop in Phoenix, The Auto Shop would love the chance to prove to you that we’re the best!

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As the operations manager KPHO TV5, it’s important my fleet be in top mechanical condition. I’ve been using The Auto Shop for several years…I’d highly recommend them for your automotive maintenance needs.
Terry KurtrightOperations ManagerKPHO-TVPhoenix