How to Allergy-Proof Your Car this Spring

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Like most anywhere else in the country, seasonal allergies can get bad in Phoenix. Whether it’s from trees, grass, or pollen, allergies can really be a drag – from constantly watering eyes and sneezing to debilitating respiratory reactions to allergens.

As usual at The Auto Shop, we’re here to give you a guide on how to allergy-proof your car. Because you don’t want to be even more miserable while you commute, right?

Have your car’s cabin air filter changed

Some people don’t even know they have one, but vehicles equipped with cabin air filters need to have them changed along with any of your car’s other filters. The cabin air filter does a lot of what it sounds like: filters outside air into the cabin of your vehicle. This includes dirt and dust (and even bugs) but also a lot of allergens that can set people off.

This vehicle maintenance item is usually pretty inexpensive, and at The Auto Shop we can do it for you along with any other car care or auto maintenance job.

Shampoo and vacuum the interior

While seemingly a basic of overall vehicle cleanliness, it can be surprising how much dirt and grime can accumulate (and trap in allergens) in the interior of your vehicle.

Products like Tuff-Stuff and a solid upholstery brush can go a long way in getting some deeply trapped particles out, but we can also provide deep-cleaning and detailing for any vehicle, whether it’s on a fleet maintenance level on down to any car or truck for the average commuter or soccer mom in the Phoenix area. Odor and stain removal are also some of our specialties as a full service mechanic and auto service shop in Phoenix.

Check your vehicle’s weather stripping

If the weather stripping on your car’s doors or windows is rotting away or falling apart, this can better allow unfiltered air in, which along with setting people’s seasonal allergies off, can also reduce the efficiency of your car’s climate control. Dirt and leaves can also get trapped in weather stripping, so it’s a good opportunity to clean them out while you check their overall condition.

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