How Monsoon Storms Can Damage Your Car in Phoenix

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Finally, some relief! After what was a solid month of say 110-120 degree temperatures, even what little monsoon rain Phoenix gets makes living here in the summer just a little less painful.

But with these rains come the threat of damage to your vehicle. While The Auto Shop is known for doing a lot of things well, including oil changes, routine maintenance, and pretty much any kind of auto repair in Phoenix, one thing you can count on is for us to be straight with our customers.

So to put it plainly, there are a lot of things to look out for when the monsoon rains turn into violent thunderstorms, like the ones we’ve had earlier this week.

Here’s our advice; and if you ever need some guidance on your car or truck feel free to give us a call at (602)-256-6164.

First off, you probably don’t want to park under a tree!

When the storm clouds appear on the horizon in the afternoon and evenings in July you may think that it’s a decent idea to park your car under a tree to try to shield it from rain.

What’s far more likely to happen is that said tree will be struck by lightning and catch on fire, be blown over, or at the very least lose a branch or most of its leaves onto the top of your vehicle.

Secondly, don’t ever drive into a running wash.

It’s just not worth it. Even if you’re pretty sure you can make it, there’s almost always a second way around. Also if you’re patient, the running water will usually subside in an hour or two.

On top of that, you don’t want to submerge your differential, exhaust, or any component of your engine. Doing any of these can cause massive amounts of damage that, yes, The Auto Shop can absolutely fix, but that will cause headaches and can potentially cause your vehicle to never quite run the same.

Enjoy the monsoon time of year, because it really is wonderful. There’s nothing like the temperature going from 105 to 75 in all of about 30 minutes.

And as usual, give us a call or swing on by The Auto Shop, your #1 source for local information, advice, and quality service when you look for a “mechanic near me in Phoenix!”

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