How long will your car battery last in Phoenix?

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There’s a lot that goes into owning a car in Phoenix… from the blinding dust storms and monsoon downpours to the roughly 100 days of 100°+ heat. These conditions can affect virtually every part of a car and its overall condition. These constant microwave-level temperatures can sap a vehicle’s battery.

Every car (and battery) is different. So as a running rule, you should expect your battery to last about 2 years in the greater Phoenix area. But there are also some things you can do to help prolong your battery life. Here are a few of our auto repair tips on how to keep it charged and ready to keep you on the road for the start of summer.

Lighten the load on your battery…

These common things add up:

  • Running your A/C on full-blast
  • Charging cellphones and/or devices
  • Blasting music
  • Stop and go / rush-hour traffic

All at the same time, these can be hard on your whole drive-train and alternator (while decreasing performance). What’s more they can also sap your car’s battery in short order, especially if one of the kids leaves an interior light on.

The solution is easing the burden on your car. Start with your A/C and radio OFF. This will help your battery out immensely. If your vehicle climate control has an “auto” or re-circulation setting, use it. This can also help keep the load off of your vehicle’s electrical system.

Keep an eye on the battery cell water levels…

This tip generally applies to older cars. It’s worthwhile to very carefully crack open the top (if applicable) and check the water level of the battery cells. Clean the terminals with baking soda and an old toothbrush to remove any acid and to mitigate corrosion. This will keep the connections in better shape overall. This can also keep your car from laboring for power on startup. In turn this can help prolong the overall integrity of the battery core.

Sometimes car batteries just die. You can’t expect anything to last long when exposed to the kind of temperatures your engine bay regularly faces. Whether it’s maintenance or auto repair in Phoenix, give The Auto Shop a call today to hear about our specials for car repair and maintenance — whether you need a new battery, alternator, or other car electrical system repair, we’re always happy to help.

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