How Long Will Your Car Battery Last last in Phoenix?

photo of jumper cables on battery with article answering How Long Will Your Car Battery Last in Phoenix, Arizona?

From the blinding dust storms and monsoon downpours to the roughly 100 days of 100°+ heat, there’s a lot that goes into owning a car in the Southwest. There’s also a lot that can impact your car battery. Importantly, there are things you can do to make your car battery last in Phoenix, Arizona.

Think of it this way: In Arizona, your car is under constant microwave-level temperatures. That can (and will) affect virtually every part of a car and its overall condition—and it’ll sap your vehicle’s battery.

While every car and car battery is different, as a rule of thumb, you should expect your battery to last about two years in the greater Phoenix area. This has led to a tongue-in-cheek joke you may have used yourself: It’s not uncommon to hear Arizonans quip that they don’t buy car batteries, they just rent them.

That’s the bad news. We’ve got good news, too: There are things you can do to help prolong your battery life. From experienced mechanics in Phoenix, Arizona, here are a few use, maintenance, and auto repair tips on how to help make your car battery last in Phoenix, charged and ready to keep you on the road all summer long.

Want to Lighten the Load on Your Vehicle’s Battery? First, Understand the Issue.

Take a moment to think about how hard you’re working your vehicle on a day-to-day basis. How often are you asking your car to tackle the following tasks?

  • Running your A/C on full-blast
  • Charging cellphones and/or devices
  • Playing music
  • Stopping and going in rush-hour traffic

These are common things we expect our cars to handle, but they can add up over time—especially when our cars are also sweltering under the hot Arizona sun.

When your car is doing all of these things, it’s hard on your whole drive-train and alternator. Being in this state can decrease performance and sap your car’s battery in short order—especially if, on top of everything else, one of your kids leaves an interior light on, too.

Remember that, while it’s 100+ degrees outside, temperatures under the hood will be far higher than the ambient heat, and heat speeds up battery corrosion. While you can’t do anything about the heat, you may be able to tackle the other conditions that are putting an excess load on your car.

Take it From Mechanics in Phoenix, Arizona: Start Easing Your Car’s Burden

Time to give your car and its battery a little TLC.

  • Start your vehicle with your A/C and radio OFF. This will make things considerably easier on your battery.
  • If your vehicle climate control has an “auto” or re-circulation setting, use it. This can also help keep the load off of your vehicle’s electrical system.
  • If you have family members who also drive or interact with your car, talk to them about using it responsibly. Always check to make sure that the lights are off when you leave your car, and try to avoid asking your car to multitask too often.
  • If your car is older, it’s worthwhile to very carefully check the water level of the battery cells. Clean the terminals with baking soda and an old toothbrush to remove any acid and to mitigate corrosion. This will keep the connections in better shape overall. This can also keep your car from laboring for power on startup—and help prolong the overall integrity of the battery core.

No matter how responsibly you care for your car, it’s important to be realistic, however. Sometimes car batteries just die. Unfortunately, you can’t expect anything to last long when it’s exposed to the kind of temperatures your engine bay regularly faces.

That’s where our team can help.

Whether you need help with car maintenance or auto repair, give The Auto Shop a call today to hear about our specials for car repair and maintenance. Whether you need a new car battery in Phoenix, Arizona, or your car’s electrical system requires repair, we’re always happy to help.

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