How long do tires last in Phoenix, Arizona?

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Tires can go a long way if you take care of them. From rotations and rebalancing to taking care of any flats along the way, tires can be a high-maintenance prospect when it comes to general auto repair in Phoenix.

But here’s the thing: you’re not going anywhere if you don’t take care of your tires. Here at The Auto Shop we do just about everything, including oil changes, car a/c repair and any kind of suspension or electronic component your vehicle might need fixing.

From here, we also answer a lot of questions for anyone looking for auto repair in Phoenix! For example:

How long do tires last in Phoenix?

Answer: Usually 3-4 years, or 40,000 miles.

Why is this? The short answer is because the rubber compounds in tires don’t last nearly as long on Arizona’s hot roads as they do in most other places. As a result, you might be replacing your tires a little earlier than normal, especially if they wear down below 2/32″ of their tread depth.

How long will tires last in the rest of Arizona?

Tucson’s notoriously bad roads, combined with stop-and-go city driving will wear your tires down even quicker. 2-3 years is even within the realm of possibility.

Things get a little better in northern Arizona, especially in some of the cooler climates. While your tires could last you quite a bit longer in Prescott or Flagstaff, you’ll also at the very least need all-season tires that can handle snow, if not full on winter snow tires or snow chains.

However, these conditions can also wear your tires down even faster.

At the end of the day, we do our best at The Auto Shop to answer any questions you might have when it comes to getting your car fixed in Phoenix. However, always feel free to reach out with any questions, suggestions or feedback you might have both for us or for your experience.

It’s just a small part of how we try to be the best mechanic and and auto shop in Phoenix!

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