Emissions Testing Locations in Phoenix Arizona

We get several calls a month from customers asking if they can bring their vehicle in for an emission test. We have found that it is difficult for many people to search for this and impossible to call anyone for the answer. Often search results list auto repair shops in Phoenix instead of official ADEQ testing stations. We thought it would be nice to offer the public a simple answer with a map and some tips. If you fail the test, ADEQ will print you a report stating why, then The Auto Shop is certified to find the cause, offer a solution to get your vehicle to pass, repair it and have it retested. Below is a map of official ADEQ stations in the Phoenix metro area that can administer this test and issue you a certification. NOTE: Vehicles under 45′ in length and under 13′ feet in height can go to any location on the map below. Heavy Duty Trucks taller than 13′ can only get tested at the gold location.
Emission testing is required every 2 years before you can renew your vehicle registration. AZ Dept of Transportation mails you a registration renewal form that you fill out and pay before they send you new tags for your plate. On that form it will say 1 of two things: “Emission test IS REQUIRED” or “Emission test IS NOT REQUIRED”.  

Important Information:

  • The cost for most vehicles is $17 and is paid to the testing facility.
  • If you have a “Check Engine” light on, you will fail the test.
  • In some cases if you have had a “Check Engine” on and just reset the light before the test without the proper repairs, you may fail the test. A drive cycle may be necessary to get vehicle ready for testing.
  • When you drive into a testing station, the OBD Express lane is usually faster (NOTE: OBD Express Lane: Faster service for 1996 and newer, gasoline vehicles, less than 8500 GVWR, excluding bi-fueled vehicles.) http://www.myazcar.com/obd-monitors

SOURCE: myAZcar.com

Official Address List with Location Wait Times (Link)

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