Auto Maintenance Tips for 20-Somethings in Phoenix

Let’s face it: car maintenance can be stressful when you’re young. Getting a handle on paying rent is one thing, but if you’re like the average American, the car you’re currently driving has an average age of almost 12 years. With those years comes a lot of mileage, and with a lot of mileage comes a lot of maintenance. These tips will help keep your car in top working shape as you’re still finding your footing and independence as a 20-something.

Your car is likely an older model, and may have had two or even three owners before you’ve acquired it. Maybe it was a hand-me-down or even given to you by a family friend. The truth is that most people aren’t in the habit of selling or getting rid of a perfectly good working car, and you’ll likely have a lot of boxes to check if you want your ride to stay road-worthy and reliable for the next few years.

Car care tips for Downtown Phoenix

If you’re in your 20’s, you probably live in or near downtown or midtown Phoenix, in Tempe, or even in Scottsdale. These are generally the more active areas of the Valley and there’s always something to do in these areas. They’re also much more compact, meaning you’ll likely be living in an apartment that may not have covered parking. In fact, you could even be forced to park on the street outside your apartment complex.

There are obviously risks that go along with this, but the first recommendation would be to be judicious about where you park. Statistically, parking near a source of light significantly decreases the risk of your vehicle being broken into or stolen.

Which auto maintenance items to check off first

Being this age, you’re probably budgeting more for discretionary purchases while only spending on your car when absolutely necessary. The mechanics and technicians at The Auto Shop can help you pinpoint exactly what your car may need if it’s making a strange noise or running poorly. And because our customers are our priority, we won’t go making recommendations for minor repairs if your car doesn’t absolutely need it at the time.

So give us a call today and stop on by to see why we routinely service the vehicles of students at ASU’s downtown campus (which is a 3-minute walk from our shop) among all the other young professionals who are moving to these vibrant areas of Phoenix today!

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