Auto Maintenance the Kids Can Help With in Phoenix

There are quite a few things you can educate your kids on when it comes to owning and maintaining a vehicle. After all — there’s a decent chance they’ll be the ones driving your current vehicle when the time comes!

Check your fluids

This is probably the easiest one. While it’s important to stay topped up, most kids (and adults) don’t even know how to check their oil level, no less coolant, brake and transmission fluid and others.

When doing so, remember to always closely supervise your kids around an engine bay, and stress proper safety measures such as using protective eyewear, ensuring there’s enough ventilation and never working on a running or hot engine.

You’d be surprised how far even a little savviness can go later in life!

Check tire pressure

Another fairly easy vehicle maintenance item you can go over with your child. Maintaining proper tire pressure is important both for the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. Stressing this to your children early on is going to do them a lot of favors down the road.

Clean your car!

Lastly, what better way to keep the kids busy than to show them how to properly wash and detail a vehicle?

The added bonus here is that it’s an activity that everyone can participate in that gets you outside, keeps you moving and allows you to spend some time together.

And remember: The Auto Shop has had the backs of Phoenix’s teachers and parents since 1979, so if you need to bring your car or truck in for maintenance such as an oil change or for more general auto repair, just give us a call at (602) 256-6164 today!

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