Auto Repair: The Vehicle Exhaust System

Auto Exhaust Repair Phoenix Arizona
You may not be able to hear, feel or smell if there is a problem with a component of your vehicle’s exhaust system. We have the technical equipment necessary to locate any exhaust failures and service or repair the system for you and your passenger’s safety. At The Auto Shop, we can take care of the simple services to just about any major repair that involves keeping your car capable of moving efficiently!

  1. Malfunction Diagnosis
  2. Exhaust Pipes
  3. Dual Exhaust Conversions
  4. Mufflers
  5. Hangers and Clamps
  6. Tail Pipes
  7. Resonators
  8. Crossover Pipes
  1. Emission Controls
  2. Exhaust Manifolds
  3. EGR Valves
  4. Gasket Replacement
  5. Oxygen Sensors
  6. Catalytic Convertors
  7. Air Injection Tubes
  8. Emission Testing Failure