Wondering what to get your car this Christmas?

The vehicle that so dutifully and reliably takes you to work, your family to school and anywhere else you may need to go could probably use a few things!

This Christmas, The Auto Shop is putting together a list (and checking it twice) for some of the things your vehicle would ask for when it comes to auto supplies, repair and maintenance — specifically for meeting the needs of Phoenix-area commuters!

First off, what’s the state of your vehicle’s fuel system? If you haven’t done it in a while, Techron fuel injector cleaner and Seafoam treatments are good ways to make sure you get your system cleaned out and healthy again, especially if your vehicle has a rough idle, isn’t quite as peppy as it used to be or isn’t getting the kind of mileage you’re used to.

While you’re at it, new spark plugs might be in order as well. If so, change them out after you’ve run a fuel injector cleaner, as there’s no point in potentially fouling brand new ones by whatever junk is being blown out of your vehicle’s dirty fuel system. Spark plug changes can renew a lot of the efficiency and power your vehicle once had, and it’s an auto service The Auto Shop can knock out in a jiffy!

And everyone needs new shoes from time to time, right? The same can be said for your vehicle! If you’re thinking new tires might be on order, remember to check your tread depth, whether your tires are cracked and bald or simply old, it may very well be time to invest in new tires.

Lastly, every car needs a good wash! But to turn things up a notch, washing, polishing and waxing your vehicle will leave a shine that you’ll feel good about deep into 2018, and it’s something that is often overlooked as routine maintenance.

And keeping up a layer of wax on your car can keep it from becoming dirty not only when it rains, but it can make cleaning it again exponentially easier. If and when the time comes to sell your car, the condition of its paint is generally the first thing potential buyers will notice , so this is a good thing to keep up on!

The Auto Shop wishes you and yours a Merry Christmas, and we look forward to handling your auto repair needs in Phoenix in 2018!