Tips For Navigating the Freeways in Phoenix

As many know, navigating the freeways in Phoenix can be a treacherous task. With the uptick in wrong way drivers, people on their cellphones and mobile devices, and the general crowding of rush hour traffic that begins anywhere from 8 AM to 10 AM and then again from 2:30 PM to sometimes 7 PM, it can really compare to LA. Fortunately, we have some pro tips for getting you where you need to go in the Phoenix area via freeway.

Keep Your Car in Good Shape

The most obvious tip is to keep your car in running condition. This extends beyond the general tire pressure and oil level check. Running on old spark plugs or dirty injectors can cost your car valuable oomph when accelerating onto the freeway, especially from a dead stop at one of the many onramp traffic lights. It almost goes without saying that brakes are paramount to safety on the freeway both in the case of avoiding a fender bender when in stop and go traffic in the tunnel or stomping on the pedal in the case of an overturned semi.

The Auto Shop is uniquely positioned in the heart of Phoenix to be virtually dead center to its freeways no matter which way you’re needing to go around the Valley of the Sun, and can get your car up to spec in no time. Give us a call for more information.

Use the HOV Lanes

While it goes by many names, (“HOV,” “Carpool Lane,” “Diamond Lane,” etc.) this extra lane can help save a lot of time on your commute, whether from Scottsdale or Tempe on the 202 or the 10 or coming from Buckeye, Peoria, Avondale and others in the Phoenix area.

Whether you carpool, have an electric car or hybrid (which The Auto Shop also services) using the HOV when available is a surefire way to cut time off your commute. But be careful of its rush hour hours if you’re driving alone and you don’t have a car with Arizona’s environmentally friendly plate – the fine will well outweigh the benefit of saved time.

For more information on car care, automotive maintenance, and high quality service in Phoenix, call or stop by The Auto Shop today!

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