Fuel and Emissions System Service & Repair in Phoenix

Phoenix auto repair - Fuel and Emissions vehicle Analysis
At The Auto Shop, we have the necessary state-of-the-art equipment and access to information to effectively diagnose, service and repair today’s complex vehicles. Our ASE Master Techs are highly experienced with all the different fuel system components in vehicles today, confident and precise in a diagnosis that will resolve any issue. Call us for an appointment today!

The Auto Shop can help with the following auto repair items in Phoenix:

  1. Malfunction Diagnosis
  2. Emission Test Failure
  3. Carburetor
  4. Fuel Gauges
  5. Fuel Pumps
  6. Fuel Injectors
  7. Fuel Lines and Filters
  8. Fuel Pressure Regulators
  9. Fuel Testing
  1. Throttle Body
  2. Emission Controls
  3. Fuel Injection Flush
  4. Fuel Hoses
  5. Fuel Tanks
  6. Fuel Evap System
  7. Throttle Body Cleaning
  8. Hybrid Vehicles
  9. Bi-Fuel Vehicles

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