Auto Repair: Electrical Systems

Automotive Electrical System Troubleshooting
At The Auto Shop, we have the necessary state-of-the-art equipment and access to information to effectively diagnose, service and repair todays vehicle. Whether it is a simple battery cable or a highly complex computer system or electrical system malfunction, our ASE certified technicians are confident and precise in a diagnosis that will resolve any issue. Call us for an appointment today!

  1. Malfunction Diagnosis
  2. Starters
  3. Starter Solenoids
  4. Batteries
  5. Drivability / Engine Performance
  6. Electrical Wiring
  7. Electronic Ignition
  8. Charging Systems
  9. Computer Control System
  10. Dash Controls and Instruments
  11. Emission Control Systems
  1. Lighting System
  2. Climate Control
  3. Maintenance Tune-Ups
  4. Heater and A/C Controls
  5. Alternators
  6. Battery/Warning Lights
  7. Check Engine Lights
  8. Security Systems and Remotes
  9. Power Antennas
  10. Power Windows and Doors
  11. Power Seats