Car AC Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Car AC Repair Services in Phoenix AZ

Car AC repair in Phoenix can be costly without proper maintenance. Above all, Keeping your car cool during the summer is extremely important. Secondly, the blazing heat can take a toll on climate control parts like airflow ducts, belts, hoses and gaskets. During the cooler months, these parts are critical for your vehicle heating system. Therefore it’s crucial to ensure your car’s climate control system is ready for the extreme temperature changes in Arizona.

At The Auto Shop, we’re fully equipped to take care of any air conditioning, heating, or climate control repairs your vehicle may need. And we specialize in engine cooling and radiator repairs, manufacturer-recommended maintenance and more. So, call us for a competitive quote or schedule an appointment today!

Vehicle Air Conditioning, Cooling, Heating, and Climate Control Repair Services:

  1. Climate control malfunction diagnosis
  2. Head gaskets
  3. Radiators
  4. Coolant and antifreeze recovery
  5. Hose inspection and replacement
  6. Belts
  7. Heater control valves
  8. Heater cores
  1. Thermostats
  2. Vehicle air conditioning service and repair
  3. Fan clutches
  4. Airflow ducts and vents
  5. Electric cooling fans
  6. Climate control panel
  7. Water pumps
  8. Power flushing

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