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Why Every Mechanic in Phoenix Should Love Yelp! and Google Reviews

Transparency is a beautiful thing. You want to know you can trust people in this day and age, especially when it comes to your hard-earned money, the safety of your family and the condition of your car.

So let’s take it back about a decade. Say you’re a Phoenician and the time comes for an oil change. You generally had a few options:

You could log on to mapquest or flip through the yellowpages.

You could try your luck at a quick-lube oil change stop.

Or you could simply walk-in at a local mechanic.

Looking back, none of these are exactly reassuring in the day and age when you can simply google search “mechanic near me in Phoenix” or even say to your phone: “find a mechanic near me in Phoenix.”

And when you do, a beautiful thing happens: all of the reviews that place has ever gotten on Yelp! and Google show up, right in front of your eyes! You can see what dozens of fellow Phoenicians have said about a business, no less an auto repair shop – what used to be a notoriously shady kind of business to run for those who preyed upon unknowledgeable consumers.

Thankfully, those old days are gone! And at The Auto Shop, we love having everything out in the open. It helps us correspond with our customers as we do our best to keep everyone who comes in our doors for auto repair and maintenance services in Phoenix as happy – and confident – as they can possibly be.

Not only that, we’d love for you to give us an honest review at on our Yelp! or Google reviews pages. It’s a huge part of what keeps the local businesses in downtown Phoenix thriving as this great city continues to expand and grow.

Seeing as we’ve been here since 1979, we’ve seen a lot of things come and go, and the way technology has advanced has benefitted the auto industry as much as it has the mom and pop shops who use it to reach their customers.

So, from the bottom of our hard working hearts at The Auto Shop, thank you! And call us at (602) 256-6164 today if you need pretty much anything on your vehicle taken care of today!

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