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What to Know About Fleet Maintenance Services in Phoenix

This week we wanted to drill down into something a little more specific when it comes to vehicle care and maintenance in Phoenix. It might not be something that many know much about, but if you’re a local business owner who owns and operates numerous vehicles as a part of your business, your fleet very likely is your livelihood.

It’s true that most major city and county governments operate their own service bays with full-time mechanics in Phoenix (think police, fire, and other administrative services) there are so many small to medium-sized businesses in the greater Phoenix area who rely on light and medium-duty trucks, as well as hybrids, sedans, SUVs, and more to tackle the in’s and out’s of their day-to-day operations.

What we’re trying to put across here is that The Auto Shop can help! Not only are we highly competitive in our pricing for fleets compared to other mechanics and auto service shops in Phoenix, we like to think that we’re capable of providing such a high level of service that on one hand you’ll want to let everyone you know how good we treat your fleet at The Auto Shop – but on the other hand that you’ll want to keep this secret under your hat so that you continue to have an edge on the competition.

And there’s really no limit to how we can help. Obviously, we’re not equipped to work on heavy machinery or things like dump trucks and other construction vehicles (we are, first and foremost, a local mom and pop auto shop) but our ASE-certified mechanics are known to twist a wrench on pretty much every make and model.

So if your landscape crew’s pickups need an oil change, your station’s news vans need its A/C recharged, or your taxi or even Phoenix-area police fleet need any of the things vehicles need when they operate under load in the Valley of the Sun, we can help you out. After all, time lost is money lost, and The Auto Shop is skilled both at keeping the general public and business owners in the black!

We’d like to encourage you to give us a call at 256-6164 to see what we can do for your business – you’ll never know how we can trim the overhead on keeping your vehicles running, and what’s even better is that you do know you’ll be treated right the whole time.

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