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What to Know About Emissions Testing in Phoenix

Each state (and sometimes city) has different standards, qualifications, and ultimately boxes to check when it comes to emissions testing.

The interval is based on a myriad of things, but in Phoenix, you can expect to take your vehicle in at least once every 2 years if it’s a certain age. If it’s a newer model, you may not have to take it in for testing for several years.

But what all should you have looked at if you’re perhaps a little nervous that your car might fail an emissions test? Let our experts at The Auto Shop break it down for you.

If your car is leaving a trail of white smoke, this could be caused by your car burning oil. Our ASE-certified mechanics can diagnose and repair any oil leaks your vehicle may have and can provide a comprehensive plan of action on repair costs and any other estimates.

If the emissions test also examines your tailpipe emissions instead of only the OBD-II port under your steering column, this could easily cause you to fail emissions in Arizona.

There are a number of things that can set off one of these OBD-II tests (which stands for on-board diagnostics, a virtual live thermometer for the running condition of your vehicle) including bad catalytic converters and oxygen sensors, various exhaust and vacuum leaks, leaking fuel injectors, faulty mass air flow sensors, and rich or lean fuel codes.

Matter of fact, if your car has any codes or check engine lights on, your vehicle will pretty much fail an emissions test just by default. If you want to find out what’s going on, bring your vehicle on by The Auto Shop today and we’ll scan any codes and figure out why your check engine light is on.

We not only diagnose but can also make any major repair that your vehicle may need. The Arizona Department of Transportation takes vehicle emissions very seriously, and rightly so as Phoenix often experiences air quality alerts in the thick of the summer months.

Keep your car from contributing to the smoke and smog, and keep our beautiful city clean! Bring your car into our shop in downtown Phoenix today to keep all the signals green in the emissions testing stall, or if you’ve recently failed we can get you back on the road in no time.

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