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What the Highway Patrol is driving in and around Phoenix in 2017 (and why there’s no point trying to get away)

First of all, The Auto Shop highly values our first responders and law enforcement from across the Phoenix, Maricopa County and for the whole of Arizona. We’re honored to provide service to those brave enough to make the sacrifice of public service, and support members of law enforcement at every turn

And when it comes to making the haul between Phoenix and Tucson, for example, the most prominent presence on I-10 is with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, also commonly referred to as the Highway Patrol.

Long gone are the days of the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, Ford’s mass-produced body-on-frame rear wheel drive V8. The proverbial workhorse of most law enforcement fleets was killed off in 2011, and are becoming increasingly few and far between.

Now, AZDPS has a new fleet (that you can at least see, as there are many iterations of undercover vehicles on Phoenix’s roadways) that are out on patrol.

First comes Ford’s new Interceptor line. Based on the bodies of the current Taurus and Explorer, they come with options to load in Ford’s EcoBoost twin turbo, good for close to 400 horsepower. Somewhere in-between Ford’s SHO and Sport (super-high output) options for the civilian models respectively, they’re also beefed up with heavy-duty pursuit-rated suspension, braking, and engine components that make these vehicles a huge upgrade.

Keep an eye out for the Chevy Caprice Police Pursuit Vehicle, the Chevy Tahoe SUV, and even the odd hemi-powered Dodge Charger that DPS also uses. With each of these making a solid grab at 400 horses as well, pound for pound you can see why Arizona’s freeways are so well covered.

But here’s the moral of the story: no car is faster than a radio. While it’s true that these cars are a lot faster (and some would argue more expensive to repair and maintain) there’s absolutely no way to outrun a helicopter or radio.

It’s reassuring that our law enforcement agencies are well-equipped to catch the bad guys with powerful cars and equipment, but it’s also just as important to us that they’re safe out there! (The Auto Shop also handles fleet maintenance services in Phoenix, just so you know.)

And whenever you need it, The Auto Shop can get your back on auto repair and maintenance in Phoenix just like AZDPS does every day on our roadways!

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