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The worst spots to break down in the Phoenix, AZ area

While the title of this week’s post is a little loaded – because there really isn’t a GREAT place to break down (other than perhaps as you’re pulling into our service bays at The Auto Shop) we’re going to identify some of the places that are the absolute worst that you can possibly have a breakdown at.

And before we get started, remember that we can have our towing service bring your car to our shop for repair! Especially as it begins to heat up, you can also have your roadside assistance deliver your vehicle to our shop if something does go wrong with it and you find yourself needing car repair in the greater Phoenix area.

1. In downtown Phoenix where the I-10 meets the 202 headed west

This is a major crunch zone for traffic during rush hour but is also dangerous as these two major freeway arteries merge.

While the shoulders are wide and crashes are somewhat routine, the numerous exits on both sides of the freeway before the 7th Ave. underpass make this a pretty lousy area to have to pull over. Combine the brutal summer sun with the urban heat island effect and even if you are out of the sun this is one of the worst places to break down.

But The Auto Shop is also only about a mile from here, and our mechanics can get you in and out from here in no time!

2. On the edge of town by South Mountain and Wild Horse Pass

An area that still isn’t highly developed, breaking down anywhere on the outskirts of Phoenix will always cause complication if only because it will take a tow truck extra time to get to you. Because much of the freeway isn’t lit up in more of the rural areas of Phoenix, this can also present a danger if you are pulled off on the shoulder.

And remember – if you’re caught in a dust storm and you decide to pull over, ensure that your foot is not on the brake and that your lights are off – if you don’t, this will make your car look like it is still moving and has lead to fatal rear-end accidents.

3. In the West Valley commuting into or from Central Phoenix

With the amount of development that’s going in Glendale, Avondale, Peoria, and even out toward Tonopah there’s really no way to predict just how far out you might be from civilization if you have a breakdown.

Like we said, there really isn’t an ideal area to break down in the Valley of the Sun, but there is an ideal place to bring your car for comprehensive vehicle repair and maintenance in Phoenix – The Auto Shop! Give us a call at (602) 256-6164 tod

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