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The Best Places to Park in Downtown Phoenix for Free

There’s a lot that’s about to start happening in downtown Phoenix. If the Diamondbacks can get through the one-game elimination match in the National League wild card playoff game, likely with the Rockies, there will be baseball played in Chase Field in the heart of Phoenix in October for the first time since 2011.

And you better believe downtown Phoenix is going to be the destination of a whole lot of traffic (both foot and auto) if they’re hosting the Los Angeles Dodgers for at least one game of the five-game series. But it could even be for two games, if they’re able to avoid being swept by the NL West leaders.

It’s commonly known that Dodgers fans travel well, with D-back home games often being split down the middle in attendance between whichever color the home team is wearing and the dreaded Dodger-blue of their rival.

That would mean that on October 4 (wildcard playoff), 9 and 10 (games 3 and 4 of the National League Division Series) downtown Phoenix is going to be mobbed.

So where do you park for free in downtown Phoenix?

First off, if you work downtown or have a membership to the YMCA, EOS Fitness or Mountainside Fitness, you should take advantage of parking there for free. Check the rules, but this is an easy way to score free parking for events in downtown Phoenix, and your work garage generally has no limitations along with it usually being guarded by security around the clock.

Another option is the street parking up and down the side streets of south Central Ave. Most of it is unmetered if you park far enough away – landmarks like The Duce and the bus depot by Lincoln Street are still unmetered. You’re looking at about a half mile walk to the stadium, but now that it’s Fall this can actually be a pretty pleasant walk.

Lastly, get creative. Parking a few blocks up from downtown near a light rail station or using finding a parking spot online by using a service like AirGarage can help you save a few bucks if you don’t want to have to fight traffic or crowds when you’re trying to get downtown.

At The Auto Shop auto repair in Phoenix is our game, but for as long as we’ve been fixing, repairing and maintaining vehicles we’ve gotten to know a few different ways of helping our customers out beyond simple car repair.

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