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The Auto Shop’s Guide on How to Keep Your Car Cool in Phoenix

Alright everybody, get ready for the next 100 or so days: they’re bound to be 100-degrees plus.

It’s going to get even warmer than it has been this last week in Phoenix, but much like our team of ASE-certified mechanics who work hard on Phoenix’s auto repair needs, we don’t believe in complaining about it. We know you work hard to get where you need to go, and keeping your vehicle running should be the last thing on your list when it comes to getting through the week.

Let us take care of that and then some. Here are our tips on keeping your car cool. In Phoenix, Arizona. In the summer.

  1. Shade is your friend

No matter the kind. See a parking spot under a tree? Grab it. Have a carport or garage? You don’t know just how lucky you are. But what are some other ways to reduce the interior temps in your car?

Window tint, dashboard visors, and leaving your windows cracked will all help reject heat from direct sunlight or help keep the interior of your car at ambient temperatures. You’d really be surprised at how much a difference even these easy things make.

  1. Keep your vehicle’s air conditioning maintained

How do you do this? For starters, its Freon level can be recharged if it isn’t blowing quite as cool as you’d like, but this isn’t always the root issue if you’re getting warm air – or none at all when you go to turn your car’s A/C on – especially for the first time since last summer.

At The Auto Shop, vehicle A/C repair jobs are something of a specialty for our crew (we are in Phoenix, after all) and can get these jobs knocked out in a jiffy. Not only do we take the guesswork out of diagnosing the issue, you can relax in our fully air-conditioned customer lounge or one of our shuttles can take you wherever you need to go in the Phoenix area.

  1. Keep your car’s engine cool and electronics under as little strain as possible

It might not be obvious, but when your engine is running at the correct temperature, and not under strain due to necessary maintenance items that may cause it to run rough, this puts a bigger load on your vehicle as a whole.

And if your battery can’t hold a charge or your vehicle’s alternator is acting up, this will no doubt have an impact on how well your car’s air conditioning is running.

If you think you have one of these problems, give The Auto Shop a call and we’ll help you out!

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