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The 3 Best Spots to Watch Fireworks From Your Car in Phoenix

If you’re still in Phoenix for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, you can count on some great celebrations that are planned for all over town.

Even if it’s just someone hosting a block party in your neighborhood to the spectacular show that gets put on over at Tempe Town Lake, we have a couple of our picks for the best spots to try to catch Independence Day fireworks in Phoenix.

Because The Auto Shop is located in Central Phoenix, our pick has to go to the show the City of Phoenix is putting on at Steele Indian School Park. A huge park area with a decently-sized pond, the vantage points are going to be ample. Whether you want to chill out with your family in the car with some cold drinks or ice cream, you’ll be able to see the show pretty well from your car.

Of course, the City of Tempe also puts on their own fireworks show, and huge July 4th bash. With all of the waterfront park area reserved for food tents, music and more, it might even be worth timing your drive up or down the 202 when they shoot them off around 9 PM.

While Mill Ave. is likely to be packed, you may also want to think twice about bringing the kids to this one if you plan on being out late! No doubt that it won’t be nearly as rowdy a crowd with all of the ASU students gone for the summer, this show is a popular one.

If you’re looking for something more off the beaten path, trying to drive up South Mountain for as far as you’re allowed to get may also offer some decent lines of sight if you don’t want to leave your vehicle’s air conditioning or have to deal with crowds and traffic. With views of the whole Valley accessible by foot, it’s just a matter of being up there if or when fireworks are going off around sunset.

Whichever you choose — whether it’s based on where you’re located, what attractions are being offered or if you’re simply looking to mix things up, at The Auto Shop we can get you all set up when your car needs to be fixed or maintained.

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