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Summer Fuel Economy Tips in Phoenix

Summertime in Phoenix and fuel economy hardly go hand in hand. Typically most drivers are stuck on some freeway or busy surface street on the way to or from their offices, dropping the kids off, or getting groceries.

And you’d be insane not to use your car’s air conditioning the whole time! Not only can The Auto Shop get your car or truck’s air conditioning and full climate control system up and running for far cheaper than the dealership, it’s become something of a specialty for our ASE-certified mechanics in Phoenix.

Car Air Conditioning Repair in Phoenix

But did you know a straining or breaking A/C system can hinder your gas mileage? It’s true! When you go to crank up your car’s air conditioning when it’s so hot out and it needs to work harder to get your car cool, it basically is making every other component of your vehicle’s drivetrain that would normally be used more freely and with more power, thus getting you better gas mileage.

Long story short, if your vehicle battery gauge dips every time you turn the A/C on in your car, your car shudders and feels hesitant when you hit the gas, or straight up doesn’t blow cold air, The Auto Shop can handle it.

And keep an eye on your tire pressure. Keeping them pressurized up to manufacturer spec, if not a pound or two overinflated can reap benefits for getting more out of your gas, but you also run the risk of a blowout if they’re especially old or starting to rot.

Want to really try to get more MPG’s? Take it easy on your acceleration. There’s no sense in racing to red lights, and your brakes will thank you for it.

If you really need to stretch out your vehicle’s range between your next fill up, not using the A/C combined with maxing your speed out somewhere in the range of 55 MPH on the freeway is generally considered the sweet spot for most vehicles’ miles per gallon.

And if you’re in a manual, using as low a gear as possible will incrementally help you along as well.

All in all, it can be rough out here in Phoenix in the summer. We recommend getting that A/C fixed, but if you can’t right this second we also offer credit options and highly competitive rates. It’s a part of what makes us the best mechanic and auto repair shop in Phoenix – now come find out for yourself!

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