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How we can help you when it comes to buying a used car in Phoenix

It seems like everybody is buying used these days. And why take the hit on depreciation? The advantages of picking up a decently priced used car are second to none when the car itself is in good condition and can end up saving you sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.

In fact, more and more Americans (Phoenicians included) are buying used over new. Whether from a dealer or finding one on Craigslist, if you want to save money or find an affordable ride, it’s the way to go.

That all being said, not all used cars are the same. At the Auto Shop, here are a few pieces of info that we think you should look out for when you do pull the trigger on a new ride. Because remember: you’re likely going to have auto repair, vehicle maintenance, even an oil change coming up when you bring your new-to-you ride home.

First things first. Bring any car in that you’re thinking of buying for a pre-purchase inspection and our ASE-certified mechanics will leave no stone unturned as we examine the vehicle for any defects, potential problems, or wear items that the seller may not be aware of. (Or forthcoming about, for that matter.)

  • Know where the vehicle is from. If it’s from back East, expect some rust and corrosion from road salt in the winter.
  • Check ALL fluids. This is especially important, as you’ll get a sense of whether the car was driven hard if brake fluid is burnt or coolant is dirty. That will also show you the level of care that was given to keeping on its maintenance schedule.
  • Be wary of some aftermarket modifications. Sellers like to mark their vehicles’ prices up significantly higher than the price for an installation of a custom stereo, window tint, or exhaust system warrants, especially if the modifications were done years ago.
  • Always check the electronics, lights, horn, and safety features before even thinking about taking the next steps to purchasing a used car.
  • If the car has spent the life of its prior ownership in Phoenix, ask for its local maintenance and repair records. At The Auto Shop, we spare no detail with our explanation and printed records each time you visit our auto repair shop.

At the end of the day, going through the car buying process is enough of a hassle. But at The Auto Shop, we can help! Get a comprehensive inspection and kick your feet up in our spacious customer lounge that’s always stocked with snacks, coffee, and water.


What better way to wipe your worries away by giving us a call at (602) 256-6164 today!

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