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How to Store Your Car When You Go on Vacation

Now that the snowbirds are gone and it’s officially 120 degrees outside, a lot of Phoenicians are probably thinking it’s time for a vacation to some cooler climates.

Whether it’s to the usual spots – San Diego, somewhere in the Great Lakes area or to the East Coast, as long as there’s a large body of cool water to swim in and even cooler nights to lounge around in, we get the feeling. It’s hot in Phoenix right now, and it ain’t going away any time soon.

Here’s where we come in at The Auto Shop.

Let’s say you’re taking the family to San Diego for a week or two. You’ve got the car inspected, the fluids topped, its oil changed, brakes checked, and any auto repair or maintenance items taken care of before you hit the I-8 on into the beach.

So you’ve got the mini van/SUV all loaded up. (Bear with us, we know a lot of you don’t drive mini vans, but for the some of you that do we can absolutely help you out!)

Now it’s time to take care of your baby; your muscle car, your weekend cruiser, or just the car that isn’t hauling everyone else with you.

Here are The Auto Shop’s top tips on storing your car when you go on vacation:

  1. Garage it – take the time, pull it in off the street or from your driveway. With the insane weather we get in the summer, you won’t regret it.
  2. Don’t leave it under a tree – trees have a tendency of attracting birds, which can wreak havoc on your car’s paint. And they tend to lose branches or fall over during particularly violent monsoon storms. You don’t want that happening to your car!
  3. If you can’t garage or even cover your car, there are a number of affordable car covers you can try out. Many are made specifically by certain vehicles’ dimensions.
  4. Leave some mothballs in and around your engine bay to keep packrats and other varmints away from your car’s wiring – they love to gnaw on exposed wiring.

At The Auto Shop we try to leave the worrying and guesswork out of getting your car serviced or repaired if it breaks down and ultimately the stress out of your life when it comes to your vehicles.

Supplying peace of mind before you hit the road since 1979!

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