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How to Prep Your Car for a Phoenix Summer

After last week’s scare when it got up to about 96 degrees in the middle of March (scary, right?) it got us thinking: how do you get your car ready for a summer in Phoenix?

Sure, there’s plenty to do to get your vehicle ready for winter, but is there a definitive guide to getting your vehicle in top working order for what’s likely to be another scorching summer in the Valley of the Sun?

The Auto Shop has been in Phoenix since 1979, so we’ve had our fair share of hot summers – and it doesn’t keep us from providing top notch vehicle repair and maintenance for Phoenicians living downtown, central, or in uptown Phoenix, as well as commuters from Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, and more.

Here’s a few quick vehicle maintenance tips for before summer in Phoenix officially hits.

1. Check the level of the coolant in your radiator, (when your engine is cool) including the condition of all hoses and belts.
2. Get your car’s air conditioning and climate control inspected before you need to use it!
3. Keep an eye on your tire pressure – you don’t want your tires to expand past their capacity in the heat, potentially blow out, and be left stranded on the side of the I-10 in rush hour in 120-degree heat.

Here’s the good news: at The Auto Shop, we can take care of all of these things during any scheduled oil change service. The same goes for vehicle fleet maintenance service needs in the Phoenix area as well!

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to where you get your car taken care of in the greater Phoenix area, but if you’re seeing this we’d also encourage you to check out our reviews and give us a call at (602) 256-6164 for any questions or to get a competitive quote if you’re considering any kind of vehicle repair or maintenance from one of our competitors in town.

And at The Auto Shop, you can bet that we put our customers first in everything we do. At the end of the day we repair and maintain your vehicle, but having operated our mechanic shop in Phoenix for as long as we have, it’s our pleasure to continue serving the local community in which we live.

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