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How to make your gas go farther in Phoenix

Hasn’t it seemed like gas prices have been all over the place lately? With some of the all-time high prices still in recent memory, an average of around $2.30 for all of Arizona seems pretty good – especially in time for the holidays.

But how can you make your gas go farther in Phoenix?

Don’t drive with a lead foot.

Pretty simple one here. When you stomp on the accelerator you use a lot of gas. But accelerating as slowly as possible and coasting up to red lights instead of jamming on the brakes can save you a fair amount of gas in the long run.

Keep your tires inflated.

This one takes a little more effort, but it’s well-worth routinely checking your tire pressure and even keeping them slightly over-inflated for optimal gas mileage. Your vehicle will ride a little rougher, but your wallet will thank you for it.

Get your vehicle tuned up (or repaired).

If your vehicle is limping in virtually any capacity, it can have a severely detrimental effect on its gas economy. Some problems that can have a detrimental effect on your MPG’s include:

       Old oxygen sensors
       Old spark plugs/fuel injectors/ignition components
       Clogged/dirty fuel filters
       Old air filters
       Alignment issues
       Internal engine and drivetrain damage

As you can see, there’s a lot that can go wrong on your vehicle that can cause bad gas mileage. It’s always a good idea to track your mileage every time you fill up, as this can help indicate where and when your problems may have started.

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