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How to get your vehicle ready for the new school year in Phoenix

School’s right around the corner! Whether you’re a soccer mom or stay at home dad we can get your otherwise forlorn and abandoned kid-hauler back into back-to-school shape. Want to know how? Good! You’re in the right spot with The Auto Shop.

Whether you drive a Suburban or Explorer, take the kids to school in a G-Wagon or the station wagon, chances are it’s seen some abuse at the hands of your little ones. So what do you need to do to get your vehicle’s interior, exterior and overall engine back up to spec?

First of all, you should know that The Auto Shop offers some highly applicable vehicle maintenance services in this regard. We can eliminate odors and remove stains from your car’s interior as easily as we can get your oil changed ahead of those harried trips to beat the bell.

Or maybe you’re a high-schooler with your first beater (we won’t judge!) or a college kid going to school in downtown Phoenix at ASU’s Cronkite school or the new law school, trying to get every last penny out of your ride until you can get that diploma.

Whatever the case, we can pass every test you throw at us when it comes to auto repair in Phoenix. Servicing pretty much every make, model and year vehicle out there, we can even work on your hybrid – oftentimes with same-day service on most preventive maintenance items.

All we know is, by the time you vacuum up every last cheerio stuck between your seats, clean last year’s science project out of the floor and find the source of that funky smell from the third row, you’re probably not going to want to think about trying to find a deal somewhere around Phoenix on an oil and lube service now that you hit the mile-interval your dashboard sticker shows.

Not only that, but think about trying to get the kids to sit still in a tiny, smelly, run-down quick-lube spot!

At The Auto Shop complete auto care, maintenance and repair is what we do, no matter if you’re the student or the parent! Give us a call at (602) 256-6164 for a competitive quote or friendly second opinion today!

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