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How to Get Your Car Ready to Tailgate in Phoenix, AZ

It’s already looking like we’re in for it, Phoenix football fans. While the Cardinals stumbled out of the gate and ASU both won a close game and lost against two bad teams already, this shouldn’t prevent you from getting out and backing up your team. Besides, tailgating is half the fun!

So how to get your vehicle ready for the big weekend tailgate? Whether you’ve got a lifted pickup, a subcompact import or a full size RV, here are The Auto Shop’s tips for getting your gridiron tailgate game strong.

Maximize your space

Look, you’re going to be hauling a lot of stuff. Whether it’s a couple cases or even a couple kegs of beer, dogs, burgers, a grill, chairs, even a generator, TV and speakers, we know what it takes to go all out.

So how do you create more space in your vehicle? For starters, get it cleaned out! You’d be surprised how much room you can make just by organizing your trunk and back seats, folding any seats flat that can, or even straight-up removing seats (think mini-vans, especially).

Get your suspension checked

You don’t want your ride sagging on the way to the stadium. When you load it down with hundreds of pounds of food, alcohol and people, it puts a huge strain on your suspension (not to mention your drivetrain).

Make sure your tires are up to the task of course, but get your shocks, struts and springs looked at, and be aware of how many miles are on them since they were last changed. The Auto Shop can knock pretty much every suspension job out quicker than Larry Fitzgerald can put away 100 yards!

Know who your driver is

This one should really go without saying, but it is in NO way alright to drive if you’ve been drinking. Pounding beers before the game is a great American tradition, but getting behind the wheel afterward certainly isn’t. Have a great time, wear your colors and cheer on your team – just make sure that if you’re planning on indulging sometimes in even one or two that you have a reliable buddy to get your back.

And when it comes to auto repair, auto maintenance, and finding the best mechanic in Phoenix, you know The Auto Shop has yours!

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