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How to find the cheapest gas in Phoenix, AZ

December is here, and the holidays are officially upon us. If you didn’t knock out a chunk of your Christmas shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, odds are it’s at the back of your mind. You might even be looking for a few ways to cut down on costs in order to make those final gift purchases, and one surefire, easy way to do it is at the gas pump.

More often than not, unnecessary auto repair and vehicle maintenance spending is usually cast to the wayside in December in order to free up the budget for holiday spending, but the truth is that you simply can’t expect to not need to drive anywhere.

First things first. If you have a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club, the price is almost always going to be cheaper than a Chevron or QuikTrip. Make the most out of these pricy membership costs by filling up there, but do the math! If it’s far out of your way and the difference is a matter of pennies between somewhere else, you may spend more on the gas getting to a cheaper station that would effectively negate any savings you would get from getting cheaper gas from further away.

Another good option is to use spending rewards, whether from a credit card or rewards program such as Fry’s or Safeway’s that can knock off incremental amounts on your overall gas purchase — usually starting at 10-cents per 100 rewards points you attain from your grocery shopping.

Technology is also your friend. Don’t be afraid to just Google “gas prices Phoenix!” There are a couple good websites that can show you user-reported comparisons between stations, as well as how far they are from your location.

And while not always the case, Circle K and ARCO are generally a little cheaper than some other stations, though QuikTrip is often right there when it comes to cheaper gas in Phoenix.

At The Auto Shop, not only do we help keep you on the road, we strive to take care of every vehicle maintenance job, every minor or major vehicle repair and overall automotive need like we’re working on our own cars. We believe it’s a part of what makes The Auto Shop not only the best mechanic in Phoenix, but one of the best around when you go looking for a “mechanic near me” in the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

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