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How to buy a used car for someone for Christmas

Let’s be real: this isn’t exactly a small thing. You’ve either got to have a great kid who deserves a car or a vehicle in mind that’s both reliable, affordable, safe and practical.

You wouldn’t want to get something for someone they don’t want, and you also wouldn’t want to burden them with immediate auto repair and maintenance problems. So here are our tips!

First off, if you can find something that’s either still under warranty or dealer-certified, this can help immensely if there’s something that goes wrong with the vehicle. Drivetrain warranties particularly are important to consider when buying a used car, and it’s always helpful to educate yourself on the reliability of certain models by checking Consumer Reports or even model-specific forums, as there can be certain model years that can be more problematic or have better features than others.

Second, get a pre-purchase inspection. A reliable mechanic will give the vehicle a thorough once-over and tell you not only what might already be wrong, but what looks like it could go wrong in the near and distant future.

Not only does The Auto Shop provide pre-purchase vehicle inspections in Phoenix, AZ, we’ve been doing them for decades and can get you in and out in a jiffy! Lubes, fluids, checking the wear on mechanical conditions and more, the mechanics and technicians at The Auto Shop are some of the best in town.

Last, make sure it’s a gift someone actually wants! It’s incredibly generous to buy someone a car, no matter what the circumstance.

But if it’s supposed to be a surprise, save yourself both the headache and disappointment if you’re giving someone a 20-year-old beater that you’re hoping to just keep alive!

Seriously, it’s better to give someone a gift they’ll enjoy versus one that will constantly cause them grief. In the case of vehicles, there’s a lot more to it than just putting a giant red bow on any old car and parking it in the front driveway.

For a teenager the responsibility and freedom that comes with a first vehicle should not be taken lightly, and for a parent or party interested in gifting a vehicle to someone, don’t let an incredibly kind and thoughtful gesture turn sour when a used vehicle doesn’t work properly.

Often times, the best course of action is to address a need! If that comes in the form of a vehicle, gifting a car to someone on Christmas is a gift that won’t be soon forgotten! If that’s on your list, let The Auto Shop make the experience as smooth as possible, just like how we do when it comes to oil changes, vehicle maintenance and auto repair in Phoenix!

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