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How Much to Pay for an Oil Change in Phoenix

Let’s get one thing straight: it’s rare for a mechanic to only do oil changes. Even quick-lube oil service stations often double up on providing preventive maintenance and even automotive accessory services.

So what’s the Phoenician who’s looking for the best price, value and experience to do when they need a simple, straightforward oil change?

First off, call The Auto Shop at (602) 256-6164 and we’ll line up a time to change your car or truck’s oil that best fits your schedule. Whether it’s on your lunch break, before or after work or anytime in between, our technicians can have you in and out in no time.

We offer a free shuttle service that can drop you off for free anywhere in the metro Phoenix, AZ area should you want more than just your oil changed, or you can hang out in our comfortable, air-conditioned customer lounge where we offer water and coffee along with our free Wi-Fi.

And if you’re wondering what you should be paying out the door for an oil change in Phoenix, it’s going to depend on a few things, but generally unless you’re needing a lot of oil (which is rare enough, but 6+ quarts is usually the most we ever see) it should never be over $100 for full synthetic oil.

Generally, our oil changes run anywhere from $25 to $75 depending on if you’re wanting conventional, semi-synthetic or full-synthetic oil put in your vehicle. Just so you’re aware, full synthetic is the highest quality and most expensive. Semi-synthetic is a mix of synthetic and conventional oils, and generally is good enough for most consumers at decent prices. Full conventional oil is by far the most affordable, and can be just fine depending on the application.

The nice thing about The Auto Shop’s oil change services are that you can also add-on many other routine maintenance items to check off when you bring your car to us when you need to get your oil changed as well! From tire rotations, comprehensive vehicle inspections and topping off your fluids, we can set it all up and knock it down for you in no time!

So when your vehicle hits its next 3000, 5000, 7500 or even 10,000 mile interval and you’re looking for the best place to get your oil changed in Phoenix, The Auto Shop can change the oil on pretty much any make and model in town.

Skip the big-name chains who’ll try to nickel and dime you (or scam you, for that matter) while saving on oil changes compared with dealership pricing and swing on by our new location at 1705 E. Jefferson Street today to get some fresh oil in your ride today!

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