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Auto Safety Upgrades for Phoenicians

We all know commuting around the Valley of the Sun can be treacherous. With more and more freeway sections being plotted and added, combined with not only seasonal growth from snowbirds but also a steady increase in those who call Maricopa County home, it can get crowded fast on any stretch of freeway or surface street in and around Phoenix.

Here’s where The Auto Shop comes in. We’ve noticed the change in Phoenix and the way people commute. We’ve been providing auto repair and maintenance here since 1979, so it’s only natural for both our new and regular customers alike to ask us how to make their vehicles as safe as possible. Without further delay, here are our tips:

Get up on all of your auto maintenance needs

Putting off scheduled maintenance is the #1 reason people have breakdowns. It’s also the easiest thing to prevent from happening. At The Auto Shop, we can cover any outlying auto maintenance need your vehicle may have, keeping you out of harm’s way and from breaking down.

Check your tires

If you don’t even know how old your tires are, or you’ve put upward of 50,000 miles on them, it’s probably time to change them out. There are many brands to choose from, but if your tread depth is below 3/32 of an inch, it’s technically considered bald and needing replacing. Consumer Reports tested over 10,000 vehicles a while back and half had at least one tire with worn-down tread. So if it’s not you, it’s very likely someone you know who is at great risk, especially when it rains.

Consider electronic options

Installing an aftermarket backup camera, high-quality headlights and taillights, and even lane departure systems are all possible on older-model cars that were made before this technology was available. If you or someone you know spends enough time in the car to warrant it, these may be other good options when it comes to staying safe.

All in all, The Auto Shop can help you out and keep you safe when it comes to getting around our great city. Phoenicians have been coming to us for a while now, and there’s a reason why! Our mechanics are fast, friendly and some of the best in town!

Make an appointment and give us a call today to find out what we can do for you!

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