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Amazon Prime Day Deals for Car Buffs

When you think about Amazon Prime Day, the annual sales event that Amazon puts on every July (and has for the last few years) there’s always a lot of hype while the actual sales can, at best, be considered underwhelming.

If anything, it’s a lot of junk that’s been marked down to make way for the next new off-brand thing. This is pretty well documented by major newspapers and consumer guides, yet the event continues to get off without a hitch.

Now at The Auto Shop, our business is auto repair and maintenance – don’t get us wrong there. That’s what we know, love, and are very good at. You need an oil change at a reasonable price? We’re your crew. Got a drip, vibration, funny sound or smell? We’re all over it, and then some.

Want a guide on your aspirational shopping? We might not be too good for that, but we did try to narrow down a couple automotive-based items that we thought anyone from enthusiasts to your average commuters might want to check out during “Prime Day.”

  1. Deals on microfiber towels were going strong early on in the day, from companies such as Griott’s, as well as markdowns on Amazon’s own brand of microfibers.
  1. Cleaning soaps, detergents, sprays and more were also marked down pretty significantly.
  1. Filters of all kinds – cabin air filters, K & N high flow engine air filters and more were all decently priced. Just be sure to check to make sure they fit your make, model and year!

Truth be told, these kinds of sales events really aren’t our bag at The Auto Shop. One thing our operation does have in common with “Prime Day” is that we strive to provide high value to our consumers with convenience and customer service at the forefront of what we do.

So give us a call at (602) 256-6164 to see how we can help you out, or feel free to browse our website to see how it is we’ve become one of the best mechanics in Phoenix and a trusted voice in the providing local car care, maintenance, repair and anything in between for our customers!

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