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Basic Vehicle Maintenance for Phoenix, AZ

A well-maintained vehicle is more reliable, more fuel-efficient and lasts longer, ensuring higher returns on your investment. Therefore, it’s important to have your vehicle regularly inspected. Auto repair shops have been set up to oversee repair and maintenance services on various makes and models of vehicles. Some of the services provided by auto repair shops include:

Oil Changes

One of the most effective, inexpensive, and simplest means of protecting the life of your vehicle is the scheduled and regular changing of the oil filter and the oil itself. Oil maintains the livelihood of your engine. It provides lubrication, lessens wear, reduces friction, and acts as a seal between the engine rings, pistons, and cylinder walls. At the same time, it helps to cool the engine parts. Without the cleaning provided by new oil, varnish and carbon build up, which can eventually be harmful to your engine, no matter if you live somewhere hot like Phoenix, or cool. This routine maintenance helps to keep your car in top condition and prevents unnecessary engine and drivetrain rebuilding projects.

Brake Services

Brake service and repair is another common service item for mechanics to provide. From the hydraulic brake fluid to brake pedal, brake master cylinder, drum brakes, and power brake booster, all these services can be handled by a skilled technician in a professional car repair facility. Several warning signs can indicate your car needs its brakes checked. Some things to look out for include:

  • Warning lights or thrown codes in the dashboard display
  • The brake pedal is soft, slow to respond or spongy (which could indicate burnt brake fluid or a failing master cylinder)
  • You hear constant squealing or grinding when braking

Whenever you notice any of these or other symptoms, you should take your car to a qualified mechanic so that it can be checked and repaired as brake failure can cause serious accidents. As such, it’s not something to be ignored.

Tires and Tire Repair

Phoenix Auto Repair and MaintenanceTires get worn out pretty fast since they bear much of the weight of your car. If you’re wondering whether your car needs tires, simply insert a coin into the tread with the head first. If you can see the top of the head, then your car probably needs a change of tires.

Worn out tires aren’t the only problems your vehicle might be having. If your tires are worn out heavily more on the inside than on the outside or the other way round, your car might also be having wheel alignment issues, which need to be attended to. Such a problem cannot be rectified with new tires.

Additionally, properly inflated, rotated, and aligned tires will help in saving gas money. Therefore, regular tire service and maintenance is very important. Your tires should be rotated regularly according to the specific recommendations from your car’s manufacturer. Additionally, your tires should be properly inflated at all times. These are some of the things which an untrained eye can’t find out easily, thus the need for an experienced technician.

Steering, Suspension and Alignment

If you feel like you’re lifting weights when trying to turn your car, or trying to drive in a straight line, then your car has significant steering problems. Most auto centers have computerized diagnostic equipment to determine the reason behind the steering problems, and fix them properly.

Cars that rock or dip when drifting around corners or going over bumps have suspension problems. Whether your truck or car has a strut-based system or typical shock absorbers, your local car repair shop has the technical expertise to identify the suspension problem and repair it, to restore a smooth ride on the road.

Rough road surfaces and potholes can affect your wheel alignment. Improperly aligned wheels can lead to several problems, such as uneven tire wear. With proper wheel alignment, your tires will be able to last longer, providing safer handling and improving mileage.

What to look for in a mechanic in Phoenix, AZ

There are hundreds of auto repair shops and mechanics in the greater Phoenix area, which can be very daunting when you need to begin to look for one. It’s important to know how to choose a solid, honest mechanic. If you fail to do that, you risk being taken advantage of by those who will try to rip you off or provide substandard services.

First of all, check if the repair shop belongs to any professional automotive associations. Memberships in associations such as AAA, Parts Plus, ASP, TechNet or NAPA Autocare means the business meets the standard of membership. For example, for a repair shop to become AAA-certified, it must be taken through a rigorous test procedure. On top of having qualified technicians, information systems and state of the art equipment, the shop must have a high score with customers. If it has passed the AAA test, it can freely hang the AAA shingle, which builds trust with the clients.

The next thing to consider is their ratings on aggregate review sites and local listings such as Yelp and Google. Look for ratings higher than 4-stars, and take the time to read what others have to say about the service.

And if their customers say their cars are fixed right and they attend to their customers professionally, then you should feel better about trusting them with your car. While still at the facility, look for any certifications hanging on the walls. If the technicians have displayed their certifications on the walls, it’s a clear indication they take their work seriously. Continued certification and education is another great sign that the shop owner cares about the quality of work they deliver.

Another thing to look out for is the equipment. Does the shop have state-of-the-art work equipment, such as diagnosis software, logic probes, hand held scanners, lab scopes, and/or online computer systems such as Alldata or CAS? These tools and systems are important for diagnosis and repairing your car accurately. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask. Without these tools, repairing your vehicle will be utter guesswork.

Bottom Line

When your car needs to be fixed, it can help to take it to a specialist, and local shops such as The Auto Shop are often cheaper than going to a dealership. With the same (if not greater) levels of expertise in identifying repair problems effectively and efficiently,  your car will have a longer (and less-expensive) life.